RedFaces @ The Bodega

Moving to Nottingham has definitely reignited my love for gigs. With a gig happening almost every night in this city, it’s easy to grab those last minute tickets and indulge yourself in any genre, ranging from soothing acoustic to intensifying rock.

 To escape from the burden of assignments, I worked with Renegade Music to attend RedFaces gig at The Bodega, Nottingham. With support acts, Ashfields and One Giant Causeway, the night was filled with strong vocals and passionate melodies.


RedFaces are a four-piece indie rock band straight from Sheffield. The band consists of Harry Lyon, Andy Wynn, Isaac White and Charlie Yapp. From performing amongst some big names at Y-Not Festival, to being played on Radio 1 by MistaJam; these guys are ready to take the UK by storm in 2017.

Nottingham, was one of many stops on their UK tour, with performances in Liverpool at Studio 2 and in Birmingham at The Sunflower Lounge previously. The Bodega was comfortably filled with a crowd of music lovers, who also happen to be supportive friends of the bands performing. It was definitely refreshing to see the members of each band coming down to interact with the audience after a gig.


A wave of excitement overcame the crowd as RedFaces strummed out the first few chords of their new single ‘Kerosene’. The guys have built up a strong presence on the music scene since releasing their demo, ‘Katie Come Home’ which they also performed on the night. The upbeat rhythm of ‘Kerosene’ was accompanied by the band’s first music video, which I was told by bassist, Isaac, was a lot of fun to create as they got to show their personalities through this and also involve their fans in the promotion of the song.

‘Kerosene’ music video

The guys also announced, recently on their Twitter, that they’ll be performing at the DOT TO DOT Festival in 2017, alongside Sundara Karma and Amber Run!


RedFaces are continuing their tour with gigs in Cardiff and Stowmarket at the end of February, so get your tickets and rock out to these guys, essentially guaranteeing you a fab night!

Keep up with RedFaces via their social medias:




Official Website:


 Latest track, ‘Kerosene’:


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