Review of The Japanese House @ The Rescue Rooms

On Tuesday, I was given the opportunity to see the wonderfully talented ‘The Japanese House’ at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham on behalf of FlyFM. I was asked to review the gig for my radio show and I thought I would take the opportunity to let you guys read my experience of it too!

2016-11-01 21.28.45-1.jpg

The Buckinghamshire beauty, Amber Bain has supported bands such as The 1975 and has also had the honour of featuring as Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record at the end of 2015. Since then she has only gotten bigger on the music scene over 2016 with her new EP ‘Swimming Against the Tide’ becoming available on iTunes on the 11th of November.

Kingdom and Colouring supported The Japanese House this evening and definitely created an electric atmosphere amongst the crowd that awaited Amber. After the gig we even caught up with Jack, lead vocalist of ‘The Colouring’, who explained how this was their first ever tour and was incredibly complimentary to Amber, stating how grateful he was to be touring with The Japanese House.

‘Colouring’ opening up for ‘The Japanese House’

Onto the night, 20 year old Bain, casually entered the stage with bandmates at around 9pm and the crowd went crazy!!! Electric guitar in her hand, Amber launches into the polyrhythmic sound of “Clean” which is also the title track of her second EP. Amber concludes her opening number and continued to work through her sultry sounds performing songs such as “Teeth” and “Sugarpill”.

The crowd’s energy was uplifting throughout gig, but you could sense a particular electrifying excitement when Amber broke out songs from her forthcoming EP, “Swimming Against the Tide”.  The Japanese House’s new EP has been accredited for marking “the culmination of a year of reinvention”. The crackling percussion and exploration of tones embedded in the songs of this EP were nothing short of amazing when performed live.

“Amber matched this upbeat, refreshing sound with a deep, sea blue electric guitar..”

While the crowd embraced the new sounds from songs such as, “Face Like Thunder”, they saved their impassioned reaction for Bain’s older songs such as “Cool Blue”. Amber matched this upbeat, refreshing sound with a deep, sea blue electric guitar which completed the vibe being delivered during this track.

Listen to “Cool Blue” here

Amber decides to ditch the guitar and get a little more intimate with the audience, by leaning into the microphone and stripping back her performance. The laid-back Bain performs “Still” which was produced by the familiar names of Matt Healey and George Daniel from ‘The 1975’. Their influences are strikingly noticeable in the atmospheric vibe of this track. However, Amber’s effect on this song completes the overall sound, in my opinion, and definitely impacted this song’s popularity which made it Zane Lowe’s ‘Next Hype’ back in 2015.


Amber rounds of her set, repeatedly thanking the crowd and increasing their adoration as she did throughout her gig.

I was super lucky to get to see such musical talent and I’ve definitely became a big fan of Amber’s. Her music takes on a very unique, eerie sound which I have never really encountered before.

Please feel free to listen to The Japanese House, the link to their Soundcloud will be linked below and I highly recommend you take a listen.

The Japanese House Soundcloud

Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back next week with a brand new blog post!

Taylor x


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